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ODC (old dirty camera) has been on the prowl and finding decent shredders to capture… with its ability to be awesome, it makes our every movement look sweet… the dirty Hi8-ness displays our “good ol’ days” vibe here at noLove… make sure you watch the ender… really smooth… all props go to Ehren Azeris for […]

DIY and community building…

since we started the DIY project at the York spot, a few rad things have occurred… we have worked together to build some stuff with concrete… we have inspired others to build and add-on… we have made a place for locals to learn how to skate (other obstacles than a manny pad)… on that note, […]


we have been putting in some work at the york manny spot with some weird structures… we have also had a lot of other people coming by and building some stuff/bringing obstacles… so far, it has been a very fun and successful project! we hope to get more and more people involved while we have […]

DIYin’ it…