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hold onto your butts y’all… some of the homies in the noLove camp have been putting in work for a video… Craig Lehman and Vincent Comparetto have been shredding for many years… we have had the privilege of feeding off their hype, creativity, and ongoing love for skateboarding… it doesn’t matter how old you are […]

board drops…

lookin’ through all the old boards, i wanted to make a post with all of them… psyched on it all and the artists especially.                  

graphic #2…

super psyched to display the new graphic by Vincent Comparetto! it is available at Community Skate and Snow and Crisis Skateboards!

panasonic dreams…

Vincent Comparetto has a ballin’ ass camera that he brings out to Saturday sessions here and there… we all knew he was stackin’ up footage for awhile… he surprised me with all the clips the other day and asked me to edit something up! i was and am psyched on him letting me mess with […]