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Tag Archives: nolove

a score of crap…

we have concocted a score of crap… a score is 20… get it? this one has some shotguns and cool views of the mountains… oh, and some shred… enjoy!

evergreen shredtape…

evergreen has a newly renovated park… the goddamn bob cam and noLove filming rig collaborated to bring some sensual tricks from some radical doods… Robert Wright III with the edit and such… thanks dood!

sun’s out, street’s no doubt!

sweatin’ to the oldies out there… it’s real nice… work is play… let the good times roll! music by Woods “With Light and with Love” off of With Light and with Love

wanna learn something from Arnold?!

Trick Tips is back… part 13! Arnold teaches you the complicated move of a manual… his in-depth descriptions of proper foot placement and weight distribution is mind-blowing! again, Red Planet is the training ground… watch and probably not learn! (but laughing is a great secondary to not learning!) big ups to Robert Wright III!

it’s here… CAMPTHROAT 2015!

after a long winter of training to complete our mountain skate park tour, we came out of training like champions… all the drinking over the cold winter months really propelled us through and throughout our time in the Rockies… with only some skateboards and tents, we found a way to have a little bit of […]

some stills from campthroat 2015…

the Phantastic Philip Poston put his photo journalism skills to the test by documenting the madness of CAMPTHROAT 2015… he nailed it. it was hard to document the wildness, but he got what he could… it’s hard to take good photos in the darkness! beers, boomin’, shreddin’, fire, saws, fishin’, no fish, liquor, laughter, hatin’, lumber, […]

gettin’ around town…

we get around… we dirty like that… Little Arvada, Broomfield, Evergreen, Thornton, Westminster, etc… music by Bear in Heaven “If I Were To Lie” off of Time Over One Day Old


Robert Wright III caught some hot street action with his GODDAMN MOM CAM v2.0… enjoy the randomness that is the streets! some Denver, some Boulder, some other hotness… we try to get around and spread the noLove to as many people who don’t want it as possible…   

rain sucks… streets rule.

here is the 60th video collage of cool stuff we do and don’t do… the streets are heavily untapped around Denver… we need more people getting out and exploring the city… it’s being developed at an extremely fast pace and soon we won’t have those cutty spots that surround the city now… search and destroy. […]

a break in the clouds…

between the shit storms, we’ve found a few dry parks to mess around at… thornton, roxborough, and lafayette are some of them in this jam of shredding… music by Whitey “No More Right or Wrong” off of Colette Call