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more craptastic phone times…

the lifestyles of the old and youthful… a useful waste of time laughing and shredding…


GODDAMN MOM CAM has solidified itself into the friend zone… it is a special zone that we are all in basically all the time… i love my friends! here is some phone footage from late winter and spring compiled with some smooth jizz jazz… mmmmmmmmmmm… kudos to Robert Wright III for the edit!

bank to DIY ledge at a ditch…

here is a short video of the ledge we built at a random ditch… a new bank to ledge is never a bad thing for old boys! we spent a rainy weekend gettin’ it done instead of whining and complaining that the weather sucked… WINNING.

DIY at the ditch…

here are some pix of the ledge we built at this random ditch… bank to ledges are the shit!!!

Composure: Lost… Andrew Gelber

Andrew keeps the crew in motion… finding spots that suck and making something out of nothing… his skateboard keeps him young unless he slams… a few surgeries and injuries in the process of this seven year session… he is never finished though! music by Fruit Bats “The Ruminant Band” off of The Ruminant Band

Composure: Lost… Kyle Fisher

Kyle has that free bird, free flowin’, pretty style (and hair) for days… if you don’t catch him playing a game of SKATE, he is most likely trying to put a line together… he brings the good tunes, vibes, beers, and competition to every spot… he joined in on the crew only a few years […]

subjectively intended…

we live our lives out as best we can… we do what we think is best at every and any given moment… life is just a word that means constantly making decisions… when do i wake up? when do I head out to work? should i be on time? do i have time to take […]

Composure: Lost… Mike Josten

Mike has deep roots in Grand Rapids, MI… his effortless style and bag of tricks is impressive… his humble demeanor and mellow character can become frustrating as skateboarding is easier to him than anyone you’ll ever meet… he inspired the crew to learn shred ramps and transition since day one… he makes skateboarding look simple… […]

Composure: Lost… Brian Lentowich

Brian is the homie that is down for it all… the “YES” man of the crew. a beer, a trick, a helping-hand, a shovel, whatever… if it has to do with the shred, he will do it… he has a style that is smooth and confident. after seven years, he is happy to show that […]

Composure: Lost… Grant Laughren

after 7 years of getting together and shredding, i realized we have compiled a lot of footage… noLove started from my frustrations with the business side of skateboarding and from the inspiration i felt when shredding with the homies… after a long winter of recovering from surgery and not a lot of inspiration, i realized how much […]