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Category Archives: Skate Trips


we left the city looking for the quiet… unfortunately we brought the city energy to the mountains… the fire burned and the beers went down like water… a little rain, a lotta sun, a river dip, some tents, some shotgun shells, some clay pigeons, a few skateparks barged, and you got yourself CAMPTHROAT. another great […]

campthroat 2016 pix…

campthroat 2016 was a long journey into the mountains of Telluride to the reservoirs of Pueblo… we endured a lot of skateboarding along the way… although the heat was intense, the beers kept us cool… the campsites were abstract and off the beaten path… the archery skills were beautiful as the sky at night… the […]

Road Trip to FLORIDON’T…

after a week of beers, old go-cart tracks, demolished retail stores, fenced-in/unskateable skateparks, sweat, smoothies, energy drinks, bad coffee, minivan raging, shredding, wave fights, ocean baths, partying, driving, gobro-ing, coffee cups in strip clubs, and dirty hotel dwelling with the boys, we came out with this: music by Kurt Vile “Pretty Pimpin” off Pretty Pimpin […]

it’s here… CAMPTHROAT 2015!

after a long winter of training to complete our mountain skate park tour, we came out of training like champions… all the drinking over the cold winter months really propelled us through and throughout our time in the Rockies… with only some skateboards and tents, we found a way to have a little bit of […]


the noLove shit cam teamed up with the goddamn bob cam this year for CAMPTHROAT… the edit is by Robert Wright III… he used everything documented including yelling, campfire smashing, drinking, skateboarding, driving, tripping, hatchet-throwing, shit-talking, laughing, and more for this vid… the audio is just as good as the video… so kick back, grab a […]

solo mission…

just took a trip to Austin, TX… i went to party, more specifically, bachelor party style… it was rad. Austin knows how to get down… they’ve got a lil bit of everything… whether you wanna get weird or just have a few drinks at a quite spot, you have it in Austin… what i was […]


we have created campthroat… it is basically going on a skateboarding tour of the mountain skate parks… we camp at night, shred at day… we party… we rage… it gets nasty… campthroat has been documented by a couple of cameras this year… ODC has this for you to see… it’s awesome.

ditchin’ it in ABQ 2014…

here is the other version of the ABQ trip… a lil cleaner for the kiddos, but still a bunch of old doods keeping the dream alive… putting in work and having fun doin’ it… this trip was full of discovery and randomness… we didn’t have a plan of what to do, but we made it […]

ODC Kurkee in yo’ face!

we embarked on a road trip to a land of enchanting ditches… we hung out in these ditches and found piss, trash, pebbles, dirt, dead animals, and the scent of cereal being made… it was an amazing time… meth, wolves, beer, burritos, slizz, tens, and farts were plentiful… this edit shows the gist of what […]

San Francisco: mecca shredding…

San Francisco treated us well… we met some rad people and really got to take in the energy of the city… it’s a busy place with tons of different walks of life… Chinatown, Embarcadero, Golden Gate, The Mission, DLX, Lowcard, 3rd and Army, etc… that was the shortest list of the amount of awesomeness that […]