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CAMPTHROAT 2016: to hell we rode…

this year’s camping trip was a lil more driving and camping than shredding… Robert Wright III helped out with some phone clips… we found some awesome camp spots in the middle of nowhere and got after it… some archery and beers and cliff jumps and boomers and campfire and laughs and guitar and shit-talking and driving can be quite the good times… it’s truly amazing what the skateboard pushes and motivates us to do/discover/find… whether it is new people, old friends, new places, new terrain, old spots, classic skate parks, the skateboard is just a symbol of freedom and openness… i love it. fuck the world. skateboard forever…

music by an ACT “Trying to Feel” off of Playing the Part & Townes Van Zandt “Lungs” off of Townes Van Zandt

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