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subjectively intended…

we live our lives out as best we can… we do what we think is best at every and any given moment… life is just a word that means constantly making decisions… when do i wake up? when do I head out to work? should i be on time? do i have time to take out the trash? can i eat breakfast at the table or in the car? should i work hard today? should i pay off my credit card in full? should i talk to that girl over there? should i help my friend later? should i eat that burger or get a salad? i mean, i could go on forever… this is life for a typical American… constantly making decisions… some are important and most are not, but they need to be decided on in order to move through our days…

when we make our decisions, it shapes who we are as human beings… it gives us character… it gives us a story… our decisions can make us unique or ordinary… there are various types of decisions… some people make decisions based on what they think others want (a people-pleaser), what others will more easily accept (being cool), or what serves them best (self-serving)… regardless of the type of decision they make, the decision will be judged by others… their intentions will be read and/or misread depending on the perspective of the surrounding humans… this is where the idea of shaping YOUR life with the decisions YOU make becomes ultra complicated… what i mean by this is that different people absorb decisions/actions/intentions differently from one another… your intentions are not always absorbed as intended… subjective intentions are an unfair reality.

when you hold the door open for someone, it’s sometimes seen as common courtesy… some people take it as a romantic intention… some people see it as demeaning (i can open the door myself!)… offering help to someone can be misconstrued so easily… the giving of gifts can be complicated as fuck… the invitation to an event can be over-analyzed and ruined… the amount of attention you give to someone can be misread… there are so many instances in life that we all interpret differently, and this is okay… this is part of being human/individuals…

the subject i want to touch on is not worrying about how people read into your intentions… i’ve spoken with a few people who go through their days worrying how other people will react to the way they make their decisions… if people absorb intentions differently, how is this fair or possible to please everyone? it’s not possible… someone is always gonna be bummed or upset… that’s ok. that’s their reality… negative people absorb anything they can negatively… no matter what, things can be spun into negativity… trust me… as a skater, negativity is easy to find/create/dwell on/bask in…people choose to interpret or believe what they want to… they don’t even take a moment to think, “is that how they intended that?”…  i can’t even start to imagine how many people i’ve angered and pissed off with my actions, thoughts, and intentions… i go through my life doing as much good as i can… this gives me full confidence in all my decisions while leaving no regrets.

now, if your intentions are positive, helpful, genuine, distinct, direct, and progressive, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about… but if you have ulterior motives within your intentions, then you might have things to worry about! in due time, people will see what you’re really made of… when the majority of your decisions are being made to benefit yourself, doubt and regret can creep its way into your psyche as well as other peoples’… do you want others to doubt you? do you want to regret your actions? utilitarian (best decision for the largest amount of people) and progressive decisions eliminate regret… let’s progress together, people…

if our decisions take us on and through the path of life, then it’s up to us to do good or bad within our decisions, right? if you’re worrying about your intentions, then reflect on your decisions… work on making decisions you will never regret… regret is for the negative and cowardly. what’s done is done… reflect, learn, adapt, move forward, and progress…

let’s decide to affect each other positively… what if we ALL did that?

peace and noLove…

3 Comments to subjectively intended…

  1. operation_mongoose's Gravatar operation_mongoose
    04/27/2016 at 9:31 pm | Permalink

    Back at ya bro! One day we shall rise up against the non thinking, mindless lemmons. Give them a thought for once and they can think for them selfs. Peace no love …..

  2. operation_mongoose's Gravatar operation_mongoose
    04/27/2016 at 1:08 pm | Permalink

    Yo gelbage, profound words….
    Here’s mine.
    The world’s a stage, it’s often said –
    We thus adorn the needed guise.
    This face we wear is oft misread,
    And in its eyes our passion dies.
    But though you act and mask your you,
    And others too in makeup hide;
    Though setting sun may take sky’s blue,
    The azure truth has not yet died:
    Behind the dance, emotion lies,
    And there you’ll find your staring friend.
    Though curtain calls you might despise,
    Don’t let the act, your caring, end.
    So go fuck yourself if your a hater.
    Peace and no love.

    • 04/27/2016 at 1:16 pm | Permalink

      Hell yea! I appreciate your words, involvement, thought, and time… You’re an example of the conscious mind this galaxy needs!

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