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Composure: Lost… Grant Laughren

after 7 years of getting together and shredding, i realized we have compiled a lot of footage… noLove started from my frustrations with the business side of skateboarding and from the inspiration i felt when shredding with the homies… after a long winter of recovering from surgery and not a lot of inspiration, i realized how much we had accomplished so far… it is time to put it all together and see it in its entirety…

i have never been one to promote any one single person or name because it is all about the skateboarding… we don’t exist without the skateboard. this piece of wood gives us purpose and life… as of late, i realized that my friends have been there for me always… they put up with my bullshit and my inability to “chill”… i appreciate them more than they know. this video (which is not even close to being done) will be for them… fuck yea, boys! fuck the world!

Grant Laughren is the dood in the crew that will surprise you at any moment… whether it is a basic trick that he slams on super bad or a trick he has never done before but takes it to a gnarly street spot, you never know what’s in his head… he is a circle within a square… he cannot be solved. he gets me hyped to eat shit, succeed, learn tricks, and progress not only on my skateboard, but in life… here’s to you, Grant. GET HIGH!

music by Natural Child “Blind Owl Speaks” off of Hard in Heaven

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