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perspective check…

well, it’s that time of the year again… the shit winds start blowing all the garbage weather around… it becomes harder to get out and shred whenever you want… it gets a bit harder to just get out… the cold has that stagnant effect on everything… we sometimes let that stagnant vibe effect our lives’… but it is all about perspective… you can let the cold affect you or you can use the cold to your benefit…

the winter is a good time to step back and look at where you are at in your skateboarding… sit back and see what you conquered over the year… what you failed at… how your skating has evolved/adapted… it is a good time to think about what is in store for next year… you got tricks you wanna learn? tricks you gotta take to the streets? trips you wanna take? next year is gonna be a good year… mentally put yourself in a good place and you will get there… set attainable goals… fuckin’ shred.

the older i get, the more i realize the importance of health… all around health… and it is difficult to always be skateboarding and always be healthy… it’s actually a bit of an oxymoron… when you shred, you fall… when you fall, you get hurt… when you get hurt, you slow down… it is funny that you become more susceptible to injury as you age as well as becoming wiser… you would think the wisdom would trump the risk of getting hurt… but i am not done progressing… i know i am able to push myself further… so, for me, this winter is gonna give me time to heal up and perfect some inconsistent tricks… fuck the snow, but i’ll keep moving.

whether you are finishing a video part, healing from an injury, learning new tricks, getting back into skateboarding, or just learning how, see this winter as an opportunity to better yourself… don’t be stagnant… that’s what it wants… don’t give in.


peace and noLove…

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