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Free Press is all about unfiltered Wisdom…

ever wonder what the news would look like if it wasn’t skewed by money and political views? ever wonder what unfiltered and unbiased stories would look like? ever wonder what your voice would look like in the news? FreePress.com.co is a new underground news source that reveals topics that are worth discussion… this is not the daily “news” you receive from mass media about a squirrel water-skiing, or the score to a high school football game… it is not the news that instills fear into your psyche… it is researched information that can stir up conversation and thought… below is an article written by the creator/editor of FreePress.com.co about an American icon that inspired this movement in producing the news:

Bill Cooper – An American Patriot

Fellow patriot, American, law abiding citizen, honorably discharged ex-Naval Intelligence officer, and world renown shortwave radio host of the Hour of the Time died for telling the truth about government plans for a New World Order as mentioned by President Barack Obama and former President Bush Senior.

What is most interesting about this event is that the FBI killed an ex-Naval intelligence officer for whistle-blowing. Last time I checked, the freedom of speech and disclosure of information to the public is not a crime when you are an honorably discharged Veteran. Therefore the question arises, why did this gentleman die?

read more about this article and browse the entire website for some important information that every American is entitled to… as Americans, we are often left in the dark on many important issues, and FreePress.com.co will do its best to keep you updated and informed on what you could be missing…

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