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i continue to meet more and more people all the time in the skateboarding world… they all come from different walks of life and all have unique life stories to tell… skateboarding takes us all in different directions, as does life…

as i get older and older, i realize there are many people that sit around and wait on other people to help them live their life… the amount of DIY’ers are few and far between… everyday is an opportunity for something… a new trick, a new spot, a old skatepark, a new friend, whatever… every moment you have on this earth is a moment worth seizing… and no one else is going to seize it the way you want it to be seized…

i have lived by a code in my life for about 10 years now… “do not rely on anyone for anything ever”… this sounds harsh and selfish, but it is not something i preach… it is something that has been ingrained into my skull… it has motivated me to not sit around… if you want something done, do it yourself… if you have someone else do it, it will not be done the way you want it… it keeps me on my feet… it makes me involved.

if you ask for nothing then when can you be disappointed?

it is nice to have a favor done for you here and there in life… but you cannot expect favors from people… you’ll be let down… your expectations will not be met… it’s the way it is.

skateboarding teaches you that sitting around accomplishes nothing… when you are sitting around, you could be on your board… no one is gonna skate for you… so get off your ass and DIY that shit!

DIY this life! get after it… don’t sit around waiting on everyone else… be the fire-starter! burn that bitch sky high! who gives a shit! no regrets… ever.

peace and noLove…

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