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life of questions…

where are we headed?

what is our purpose?

do we all have a different purpose?

do we have a purpose?

why are we able to be moral and animalistic?

why are we not all focused on being alive?

why do we use money?

why do we take advantage of each other?

why don’t we all work together?

do we need billions of people to realize we are all the same?

doesn’t everyone realize that they are gonna die someday?

what is happiness?

why is anyone better than anyone else?

why do we call it “business”?

do people not know what happens in politics?

who really has control of anything?

are we alive?

why does almost everyone have kids?

do people know why they have kids?

how did police become so prestigious within the community?

why are our standards for being a cop so low?

why do i pursue life or death?

am i paving the way or falling in line?

am i a good person?

am i a good brother/sister/father/mother/friend?

what have i done? what am i doing?

is this reality?

how did i find this reality?

is this real?

what happens when you die?

what ever happened to “what is done is done”?

peace and noLove…

2 Comments to life of questions…

  1. Sabby's Gravatar Sabby
    01/23/2013 at 2:39 pm | Permalink

    I like this wisdom wednesday! Especially two questions in particular: 1.”why are our standards for being a cop so low?” and 2. “how did police become so prestigious within the community?” If people thought about the answers to ALL of your questions more often maybe then people would not value football, sports in general, and Tv so much and we could build stronger communities with more important values. Good job Drew!

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