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thank you

it’s that time again… giving thanks is always easy… it’s a good feeling to reflect back on the year and realize all the support you have… it’s lonely out there and anyone that believes and/or supports you needs to be recognized… i am thankful for lots…

Jeremy at Crisis Skateboards

Michael and Wes at Community Skate Shop

Sam at 303 Boards

Sam at Meta Skateboards

Tony at The Denver Shop

Adam at Diabolical Skate Shop

Martin Crownover

Tristan at Royal Stain

Clutch Distribution

Pioneer Marketing

Lynn at Colorado Design Works

The Gelber, Freiburger, Rosenstein Baltruweit, and Rohwer families

The noLove family (Brian, Kyle, Grant, Mike, Craig, John, Sebastian, Eric, Jeff, Trent, Jon, Ryan, Parker, Bob, Chad, Chris, Zach, Philip, Cam, Ben L., Ben F., others)

Nuray Oruç

all these people have had my back… noLove is in a good place…

thanks for the support!!!

peace and noLove…

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