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a fresh Community…

if you didn’t know already, Community Skate Shop has changed locations… they have changed a few other things too… all for the better! one of my favorite shops to go check out and chill at… Community knows how to create an atmosphere that creates comfort and eliminates vibe…

the new spot has a more connected feeling… you walk in and everything is right there for you… you don’t have to wander around a big store to hopefully find what you want… it’s a focused store and feeling… the focus is on skateboarding and the customer… what else is there needed at a skate shop?!

the conversation is never dull when you step into the shop… a key for me when i wanna browse the shoes! a heavy focus on skateboarder owned companies and preaching about the importance of non-corporate support is the vibe of Community… they carry a lot of local brands (noLove, Null, Seedless, Steezy) to show their support of the local skate community… pun intended, peeps! their message is important and clear… support local!

so, if you are ever at the new Arvada Skate Park, enter the Apex Center where it says “ICE ARENA” and turn left… walk up the stairs and you’ll see the shop on the right… once you walk into the cozy shop, you might not wanna leave! the AC is blaring and the music is mellow… get your shred shopping fix and get back to work in the park!


peace and noLove

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