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there are a ton of destroyers in Denver… saturation is prolly not the correct term for how many kids out here rip… but i’ve seen and skated with a fella by the name of Tyler Price… this guy is a beast (as everyone in Denver already knows)… you watch a bunch of kids out here rip, and this guy still stands out in front of them all…

he is a quiet guy… he is one of those guys that when he speaks, you should listen… i am not trying to say he is super serious because he jokes around a ton… he is a wise dood… and even more skilled on a thrash stick!

he goes about his business the good ol’ fashion way… he lets his skateboarding/passion do the talking… his persistence and stamina is beyond that of anyone else i have skated with… it’s beyond inspiring… he is always skating hard too… whether he is filming or not, he goes for it… and he always gets back up… ALWAYS.

yesterday i was informed that his part from Denver Shop’s new video “Stakes is High” was posted on Thrasher’s website… headline reads, “Mile High Madness“… it would be better if it said, “Overdue: Tyler Price”… the guy has been killing it in the Denver scene for years… he grew up in CO and has kept it real since i’ve known him…

well, congrats Tyler! you deserve it! everyone in CO has your back… now it’s time the industry does too!

enjoy the video here

peace and noLove!

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