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a day early…

it’s that time to give thanks again… tomorrow is turkey day and i have found myself not at home… i feel a little out of place when i’m not in my parent’s house back in Chicago… our traditions on turkey day are all food related except for one… it’s not the most unique tradition, but it’s meaningful… we go around the dinner table and give thanks for the important things in our lives’…

well, this is gonna be a noLove version for ya…

thank you:
community and crisis skate shops (Parris and Fuzz)
Martin Crownover
Nuray Oruc
the noLove camp
mom, dad, april, jenny, maggie, mary
good health
noLove fans
ASF Distribution
Great Divide Brewing Company
Royal Stain
everyone that has helped build ramps
smith grinds
back tails

stay inspirational and awesome…

peace and noLove…

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