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looking out…

“Kids want to have fun, and what skateboarding offers them is a chance to go explore their community with their friends. You have this common bond”. – Billy Rohan –

As I have aged with skateboarding, I am more aware of the enjoyment I get from the entire skateboarding experience. Half of the fun is being in the middle of somewhere, skating with your friends, or just being part of a skate session.

At some point in a life, we have all walked down the street in the middle of somewhere and seen a group of kids skating. Old, young, penis, or vagina we have all experienced being on the outside looking in. But few have actually gotten to be on the inside looking out. When you think about the whole, only a handful of people in the world have experienced the frantic scolding of an old lady, the sleeveless guy threatening your life for skating at a church, or even the passerby who applauds the landing of a trick.

Honestly, the experience would be less interesting if I did not get to look out and see the variety of reactions from people looking in. On a much smaller scale, I imagine it is similar to a famous musician peering out at the crowd. It has to be such a unique experience, regardless of the type of reaction your efforts receive.

I realize now that Billy Rohan’s notion of “exploring the community” includes the exploration of the human experience as well.

What I take from the idea is that I aspire to live my life in a similar way. Regardless of the magnitude of my impact on the world, in the future, I will do my best to experience life looking out.

I’ll see you out there…

Ellen Degenerate.

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