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what happened to hip hop?

we all remember when hip hop was the best… right? the list of good hip hop groups and songs go on forever… these days i think hip hop is garbage… it is lost… i am not sure what happened to it… it’s not like all the hip hop kings sold out… i mean, those doods were beyond against major labels and the bullshit… it bums me out to not find a good hip hop album/artist these days…

on the other hand, i do enjoy turning the clock back… i have been listening to ample amounts of atmosphere, del, hiero, de la soul, etc… the artist that stands out the most to me is DEL… that dood is and was on another level when he put out Deltron 3030… that was, (and is in my opinion) the best hip hop album ever. the lyrics, beats, production, vibe, pioneering, purpose of the entire album is flawless… a futuristic MC mocking our reality (and future reality)… it’s perfect. from the timing of the album release to people involved… it is perfect.

why did no one follow this ingenuity? could no one follow up this album? has hip hop hit a ceiling? where did the automator go? i have so many questions… it is all my opinion, but i hope someone sees it similarly…

i have been feeling this track lately… it is the precursor to Deltron 3030… such an amazing song that could have been on the album, but i am glad it is not… enjoy!

Del the Funky Homosapien “Cyberpunks”

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