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Hopefully you are equally as confused by my acronym as I am. I’m certain it makes no sense at all. Anyways, once again I’m pissed because I’m writing about retarded shit that I shouldn’t have to. Today I set my sights on the United States Government. Not necessarily the entire government but more so their daily operations that affect us locally. Three things have happened recently to myself and two of my friends that sparked this rant. I’m not able to renew my driver’s license(due to an outstanding warrant), one of my friends has been waiting on his I.D. in the mail for several weeks, and the other friend just received a jury duty summons. All three of these unfortunate obligations to Uncle Sam are extremely inconvenient to all parties involved. The folks behind the counter are pissed because they have to deal with people like my friends and I who are borderline homicidal with the situations at hand. It’s a lose/lose situation unless you are the U.S. government as a whole. Wait a second, they are losing too! They(we as a country) are so far in debt we might as well keep digging through to China so we can surprise the shit out of them and take our money back.* Sorry, went on a little tangent there that holds no merit whatsoever; back to the point.

I won’t discuss my quarrel because it is far too complex for you to understand. Friend A lost his ID and submitted a request, in person, for a new one. This means he had to pay a visit to the DMV which is an awful experience from beginning to end. At the DMV you wait at least an hour and your peers waiting amongst you consist mostly of derelicts and people who don’t deserve to be there in the first place. Next you arrive at the counter and the clerk/servant is a complete asshole for no reason. Finally your part is done and you are left with, “Your identification card should arrive in the mail seven to sixty-five days from now.” What the fuck? If I get a parking ticket I have exactly thirty days to pay or the consequences ensue. Bullshit. Friend B(In no particular order) has a summons to jury duty. Again you must abide by all the time restrictions and requirements or else you are fucked, grabbing your ankles. So you abide and only after waiting three hours with your fellow scum-of-the-earth comrades, you are told there is no longer a need for you to be there because the case has been settled without your long waited assistance. Unbelievable.

Maybe the US government would be a little more successful if they focused more on customer service and showed the public they are actually here for us. Aren’t most successful companies successful due to their customer service? Whatever, it’s late and I’m getting drunk. The truth is that I did get Friend A’s ID in the mail but I am jealous of him being on vacation and I am not, so hopefully I will at least hinder him from having as much fun as potentially could be had.

Nothing clever to say on the signing out line,


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  1. chet lemon's Gravatar chet lemon
    07/31/2011 at 12:50 pm | Permalink

    I hear ya friend, just let you know that most of us got tickets in Portland for not paying the light rail fee, even though we picked it up in fareless square. As soon as we got out of the free zone, transit cops ticketed everyone with no fair. No warning or leway, $175 dollar ticket, pretty messed up. Obviously they are not gonna get their money.

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