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Health, Immunity, Longevity

I know this topic has been beaten to death and will be very redundant, but I’m going to dish it out anyways.

What happened to us as humans? Over the last hundred years we have endured a serious pussification to our society. Allergies, dysfunctional immune systems, addictions, paranoia, don’t eat this, don’t touch that. Fuck you. I’ve been noticing that more and more people have these issues and it keeps growing by the minute. We cannot survive without a goddamn pill or crutch to get through an entire day. I find it quite pathetic that everyone around me is a whiney bitch. It’s weird to see all of these health fanatics looking weak and pale. Most of them are always sick and rely on supplements to maintain their “health”. I do not follow any sort of diet except I try and observe moderation. It doesn’t stop with food. I’m told there are chemicals that are necessary for personal maintenence like various soaps, deoderant, lotion. I, very sparingly, will use any of these and my personal upkeep is perfectly fine. I’m so sick of companies bullshitting the world and telling everyone what is/isn’t necessary to be healthy or whatever. They don’t care about you, they care about your money. Don’t give it to them.

I was recently in a bar and used their facilities to urinate. Upon completing my duties, I walked out of the bathroom without washing my hands. Soon after, a gentleman gave me a look of utter disgust. Mind your own business. I then watched him come out of the bathroom with his freshly washed hands only to pick up a bar stool that some other guy was just shitting his pants on, and move it to the table with his friends. This action completely negated the washing of hands. The late George Carlin briefly discussed this in one of his bits and said “I will only wash my hands if I shit on them!!! Which ends up happenening about once a week anyways, so it works out!” He goes on about how everyone is sick except himself who as a kid used to swim in raw sewage all summer long. This sort of exposure probably reinforces your immune system immensly. If your body has nothing to fight off because you kill everything with a pill full of chemicals, it won’t get stronger.

I guess what I’m getting at is don’t be a fat bastard or a complete pussy and you’ll turn out okay. Maybe have one Big Mac instead of two. Try not using soap when you go pee, go without the sanitizer, shampoo, deoderant, body soap, lotion, or whatever other concoctions you put all over yourself. See if you notice any difference in yourself whatsoever. Didn’t think so. I’m not a scientician or anything, I’m a piece of shit who happens to be in good health about 99% of the time and I’m not fat so I feel entitled to tell everyone how to treat themselves (much like all the companies you listen to).

Good Day,


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