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Our First BrainStorm

Things that should happen while I sleep:

1. Rain
2. Snow
3. Wind

Being a skateboarder I’ve noticed the aforementioned things are quite irritating and hinder my state of being. These qualities of weather are annoying not only to my daily skateboarding ventures but also to life in general. I understand they are all vital for a healthy climate to make this planet livable, but the trifecto of fuck-skateboarding-in-the-ass should absolutely happen while I’m under the covers, peacefully at rest. When I wake up in the morning I expect blue skies and some friends to be ready and able to skate whatever needs to be fucking skated. If it’s cold, wet, rainy, etc., I am pissed. This equals me on the bus.

I hate the God-damned bus. I do not share the same perspective of some of my cohorts here at noLove on public transportation. It sucks. I agree there are entertaining aspects, but overall not worth it. When I go somewhere I do not want to stop for other people, especially people that should probably stay at home and smoke crack in the first place. Please get me to where I need to be, uninterrupted.

Anyways sorry about the rant, but fuck(yeah, buttfuck) shitty weather, it needs to happen while I sleep and not while I’m conscious and trying to skate.

Peace and noLove – Brain

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