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Just a SICK bus route

Like most busy folks, I occasionally use my lunch hour to take care of errands. Last Monday was no exception. I had to the re-up on my asthma inhaler. Now if you haven’t taken a ride on route 15 (East Colfax) before let me tell you something; it’s a mixed bag rider-wise. My east bound ride on the bus was pretty uneventful except for some profanity-laced conversation and what appeared to the be a solicitation of an illegal narcotic.

My west bound trip back to work was a different story all together. I got back on at Franklin and Colfax, and the bus was filled to brim with riders and in some cases everything that a particular rider may own. Given the space situation we came a stop where a young lady had a stroller and the driver said: “I won’t have room for the stroller in here….you can fold up your stroller and hold your baby if you would like”. The drivers statement was less than satisfactory for the young women with the stroller and she replied: “what? that’s fucked up! I am going to report your ass”. Then she preceded down east Colfax with her young one (at a decent clip may I add). After that exchange people preceded to try to make room for the lady and her child. After the bus had pulled off without picking her up. During this futile process I heard one rider call another a ‘fat bitch’. As we proceeded down Colfax several other riders were turned down which of course was a source of frustration for all. As we pulled away I heard a rider start to yell “back door” “BACK DOOR” in an increasingly agitated manner. The driver finally opened the back door, but not before informing the rider that “no one requested a stop”. All and all a pretty, pretty, pretty nice little trip to the pharmacy.

Now on Wednesday I am riding home on Route 0 (Broadway) and another note worthy event occurred. This time a gentlemen with some sort of garbage sack slung over his shoulder was aggressively waiving down the 0 in the middle of the road. Per best practices, the driver informed the guy that he needs to walk up the stop and he will be happy to pick him up there (the stop was about 25 feet from where this exchange took place, so really not that inconvenient). The man with the mysterious cargo was far from happy with the drivers response to which he started yelling, and then, amazingly, punches the bus door super hard and breaks the glass. This caused one passenger to yell “What the fuck was that?”, and then a small debate amongst riders ensued about police response time and the chances of the guy who punched the window being apprehended by DPD.

With all this craziness on the bus lines it reminds me of an old song by Del The Funky Homosapien: The Wacky World of Rapid Transit:

This is DB Cooper signing off, and HEY! Be nice to your bus drivers when you ride.

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