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Secret Twins for DB Cooper?

Last Friday I met up with one of my best buds from High School, and we went to see his band Secret Twins play in Boulder. After a beer, quick bite, and some transportation issues we headed up to Astroland in Boulder. At Tim’s insistence we took in the entire 1996 hit album “Bow Down” from Westside Connection, which is an oldie but a goodie.

I have never been to a show in Boulder, so I was expecting a you know-downtown location, full bar and what not. So as we crept down North down Broadway I was certain we were going the wrong direction. After a few more blocks we did arrive at Astroland. It was in a sick warehouse that reminded me of the club house (hoping to get the Secret Twins to play in the club house the next time they roll through Denver). The venue was pretty sick for sure with an eclectic mix of art and sick lighting. Five bucks later I had secured my hand stamp and was in the venue sipping brews getting ready to rock.

Secret Twins is a punk rock folk duo out of Ann Arbor, MI consisting of singer and Flying V guitarist Dina Bankole and drummer/part time comedian Tim Thomas. Now I am quite familiar with Tim’s work dating back to the days of the “The Mom’s” but this was my first time ever seeing Dina and the Secret Twins play; and it was a SICK show. Tim’s hardcore drumming mixed with Dina’s amazing vocals and guitar it was apparent that these two had some real on stage chemistry. Mid-set Tim has a minor drum issue and there was some talk of tribal jam’s, but then Tim just improvised his snare and kept playing.



While getting ready to write this article I did a little online research and found this sick quote from a fan on Secret Twins last.fm profile “Heard them for the first time at the Jackson Symphony Orchestra and immediately texted my friends across the room: “Wow. I kind-of really like. A lot.” from last.fm user lukaseatscereal. Pretty powerful stuff. For more information about Secret Twins and to see where they are playing a show near you check out their MySpace profile here or their bandcamp page here.

Coming from a major hip-hop head the Secret Twins are pretty fucking sweet. Stayed tuned to my weekly post; an exlcusive interview with drummer Tim Thomas will be forth coming. Shout out to Parker for getting us to and from the show.

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