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DB Is Down With E

After a grueling workout with the FHS cross country team my freshman year of high school, I got a ride home and was introduced to rap.It was Tupac Shakur’s “Shorty Gonna Be A Thug”. Ever since then I have been hooked on rap music. It’s been a long sordid journey for me and rap preferences since then; some of my favorites along the way have included: No Limit Records, Westside Connection, Wu-Tang Clan, Andre Nickatina, Big L, Del & Hieroglyphics, Black Eyed Peas, The Game, Tupac, Biggie, and a whole host of others.

For the past year or so, my favorite hip hop artist has been, hands down, E-40 (aka Uncle Forty Water, the brick layer, the ballitician, etc.). In just a years time 40 has released four albums: Revenue Reatrevin (dayshift, night shift, overtime shift and graveyard shift respectively). These albums contain all the slang and slick talk that 40 is notorious for. They slap so hard that rear view mirrors are rendered useless. That being said I am going to run my top five reasons why E-40 is a hip hop king:

1. Beats: 40 has some of the hardest beats out there and his son Droop-E does a lot of the beats.

2. Slang in lyrics: In my view Forty is the undisputed king of slang. Some may claim otherwise but he is the king. Check this video where E40 trades jabs with Billy Hoyle in a slang battle:

3. Longevity: 40 has been in the game for a hot minute. He dropped his first album in 1992. He has come out with fourteen albums since then. (Click here for detailed discography of 40’s work).

4. Humor: While this point may co-mingle with the slang; 40’s lyrics are super funny and so are his videos. Peep these lyric for both humor and slang: “Even if you wear chest protection, trauma plate won’t work because Imma aim at your helmet, I ain’t gonna aim at your shirt” from the track My Shit Bang on Revenue Retrievin Graveyard Shift

5. Videos: Forty also has sick music videos. The first one I like (please read the disclaimer at the begining of the video) is Me and My Bitch off Revenue Retrievin Overtime Shift:

Another great track and video from forty is The Weedman off of Revenue Retrievin The Day shift: Peep the video here:

So take if from an old timer like DB Cooper, E40 is fucking sick!

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