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DB Cooper grills Pillowfighter…

On Wednesday of last week I went up to the clubhouse for skate session (and/or beer session) and was able to catch up with two members of the local hard rock band Pillow Fighter. The band consists of Craig on vocals, Trent on drums and Bebe on the bass. Pillow Fighter is made of 9-5’ers including a lawyer, auditor and IT consultant. In between sick transfers and hi-jinks coping tricks I was able to sit down with Craig and Trent and talk about Pillow Fighter.

D.B. Cooper (D.B.): Trent, Craig, what’s happening guys?

Pillow Fighter (P.F.): Nothing, just shredding the clubhouse bro.

D.B.: Word on that. Tell me a little bit about Pillow Fighter.

P.F.: Well as mentioned above there are three of us. We have been playing for about three years. I would say we’re a hard rock band sort of the opposite of ‘toddler tunes’. We like to get together jam and get our “9 to 5’s” out.

D.B.: I hear ya. I am not much for ‘toddler tunes’ either. So how come Bebe couldn’t make it for the interview?

P.F.: We were bummed he couldn’t make it but he is working on a new Rambo project; taking up a lot of his free time.

D.B.: Rambo, huh? That’s sick. So how do you guys know each other?

P.F: Well Bebe and I (Trent) went to school together at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, MI. Then I (Craig) met Trent and Bebe through our mutual friend Vin.

D.B: WMU alumni roll thick in Denver…..were you guys involved in any other projects before Pillow Fighter?

P.F.: I (Craig) was involved in a couple of “New York hardcore bands” out east before I moved to Colorado. Bebe and I (Trent) were also in a band called Nigel here in Denver before we met Craig. Also I am sure your readers would like to know that Bebe was in a band called Senor Cummy Pants while in college, they actually won a talent show in the Ackley/Shilling Dorm at WMU.

D.B: Wow, those all sound like incredible projects…… when and where did Pillow Fighter play their first show?

P.F.: We played our first show right here in the noLove club house in April of last year. It was the best turn out we have had yet; were hoping to play here again.

D.B.: Does Pillow Fighter have a website or any online resource?

P.F.: Yeah we have a myspace page (www.myspace.com/525499277). If you’ll notice we have really taken a lot of time to make our myspace page sick that’s why the url still has the numbers that were assigned by myspace.

D.B.: Myspace huh? When you guys set that up 2003?

P.F.: Funny. You’re a real cut-up, bro.

D.B.: Token band interview question: What bands are you into? What bands influence your music?

P.F.: Three bands come to mind for me (Craig): Shellac, AC/DC and Fugazi. I wasn’t really into Shellac much then Bebe and Trent introduced me to them and then us as a band started really gelling after I started listening Shellac. I (Craig) have been into Fugazi since I was a kid. I got a guitar in eighth grade because it was the same guitar I an MacKaye (Fugazi front man). I still play that guitar to this day.

D.B: Anything to add on bands that influenced you Trent?

P.F.: Yeah man. Grinderman they have been our latest influence and motivation. They have a real basic rock sound but add a lot of subtle sound manipulations. We consider ourselves to have a somewhat raw sound ourselves like sushi, but the sushi you get a Safeway not at the high-end restaurant downtown because we can be kind of sloppy and, at our worst, cause nausea in the listener. We attempt to manipulate our sound with an old “memory man” effect box and Bebe pushes feedback through a monstrous 15 watt rumble amp. My drums are poorly tuned so that helps with the “raw sound”. We’re far from Grinderman talent wise, but the real motivation is in the fact that some of those guys are over 50 years old so we have a good 20 years to learn how to play our instruments half way decent.

D.B.: Good analogy man…… So when is the next show?

P.F.: Well truth be told we don’t have any show in the immediate future. However, this summer we are going to head up to Summit County and record an album. Our good friend, Ethan, is going to assist in the project.

D.B.: That sounds like a damn good place to record an album….besides recording your album what’s next for Pillow Fighter? Do you guys see a day where you leave your 9 to 5’s behind for stardom and world tours?

P.F.: Nah, Pillow Fighter has never been that serious of a band. A few months ago we surpassed our main goal which was to play three different shows. We spend most of practices laughing and just hanging out.

D.B.: Right on. Well thanks for sitting down with me guys. Look forward to sampling the album when it is done.

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