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A Moment With DB Cooper

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of attending a show at the Bovine Metropolis Theater. For those who don’t know (me included until Monday night), Bovine Metropolis Theater is an improv comedy theater that has been operating in Denver for over ten years. The show I attended was called “Improv Hootenanny”. It opened with the Alpha Squad, followed by Blabber Box, and concluded with the ultra energetic one man show of Wilder and Wilder. Not long after the show I was able sit down with Alpha Squad member Scott Piebenga, a life long thrasher. We talked about the Alpha Squad and Improv Theater as a whole.

D.B. Cooper (D.B.): How ya doing, Scott?

Scott Piebenga (S.P.): Been doing real good, D.B.

D.B.: What is the Alpha Squad all about?

S.P.: Alpha Squad is the Monday night house team at Bovine. The team consists of eleven members and we have been working together since January of 2011.

D.B.: How long have you been involved in Improv Theater?

S.P.: Prior to the Alpha Squad I was a member of the improve group Crawlspace Eviction out of Kalamazoo, MI.

D.B.: Kalamazoo huh? Wild town the way I hear it.

S.P.: You bet I partied with Harold Hunter and the Zoo York gang there once.

D.B.: That’s sick…..Scott, give our readers a little bit of background as to what Improv is.

S.P.: Sure, Improvisation is a form of live theater that is performed without scripts or rehearsed material. The intention being that it will have a comedic effect on the audience; however the most important element is telling the story. A goal of ours as a team is being in the moment and responding to each other instead of planning ahead.

D.B.: How much preparation time did the Alpha Squad have for the show I saw Monday?

S.P.: Our team had five rehearsals prior to Monday’s show (our first). Keep in mind we were not rehearsing specifics for the show. During our rehearsals we focus on building trust and the group dynamic.

D.B.: Gotcha. What was your favorite moment from Monday’s show?

S.P.: It was the scene where I was on a date at Chuck e Cheese and I was about to break up with my date; right then another member of the team appeared with a plastic engagement ring. So I had to scrap my plan to break-up with my date and I instead proposed which garnered a laugh from the crowd. Right after that another team member edited the scene at just the right moment.

D.B.: Yeah I remember the scene. It was pretty funny. I am starting see how the group dynamic and trust are really important to the team.

S.P.: Oh, you bet.

D.B.: Good stuff. Well Scott, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions to give our readers a little insight into Improv.

S.P: Absolutely D.B.
Monday night was my first Improv show and it was hilarious. Everyone who reads this should attend the Alpha Squad’s next show which is on April 4th at 7:30P.M. Bovine Metropolis Theater is located right in downtown Denver at 1527 Champa Street. The theater is located above the restaurant, Los Cabos II. Check it out!

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  1. pjomara's Gravatar pjomara
    04/04/2011 at 2:41 pm | Permalink

    Thank you!! I’m the player who appeared with the plastic engagement ring.

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