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grab f#ckin’ a shovel!

over the weekend we finally decided to test the outdoors… we decided to go skate down south at parker park… we knew it wasn’t going to be dry so we were prepared to do some work… we brought the necessities which was a push broom and a shovel… there was a lot of positive energy in the car on the way down…

as we pulled up to the park, we were beyond disappointed in the state of the park… we knew there was work to do but the park was covered in snow! there were about 20 people at the park and about 5 kids working… it was a bummer.

instead of bitching and moaning about the situation at hand, we got right into it… we started clearing snow out of wherever we could… we were working together as a unit… things were moving along pretty smoothly…

we acquired a few new participants while we were working… that was very cool… but the majority of the kids were watching us and probably getting mad that we were getting in their way of skating… they just watched us for 2 hours… it was aggravating to say the least… i even approached a kid and tried to hand him the push broom to do some work… he looked a me like i was a insane and he skated off… i was baffled…

what are we teaching our kids? how do so many of these kids not understand that if they work together they can clean the park up in no time? do they understand that hard work pays off?

i am certain it isn’t just the kids in parker… all kids need to learn hard work and following through… we need to set good examples for the youth… we need to act like the people we want them to become… i feel like we fulfilled that on sunday… we will influence these kids one day at a time…

peace and noLove

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  1. 02/22/2011 at 11:42 pm | Permalink

    Those kids sound like a bunch of assholes.

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