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who wants to eat this crap?

i recently browsed over an article about some of the food products that we produce (seems more concocted) in the US… the only reason i checked out the article was because of the picture that was attached to it:

immediately i thought, “no way… what the fuck is that?!” i was certain it was some of the processed food Americans just cannot get enough of… i read on to find out it is chicken! haha… chicken? are you kidding me? chicken is not bright pink… it is not… at all…

well this is a special type of chicken! haha… right. how can we allow this? how has our health been brushed aside? how has food been so manipulated and mistreated?

the initial (pessimistic/enraging) thought that comes to mind is that the food industry is much more focused on quantity ($$$) than quality (healthy/natural)… this is where we have gone wrong… the food industry has so much control over our lives’ in the US and we don’t even realize it…

i usually agree that ignorance is bliss but not in this case… no longer will i let the food industry blindfold myself, friends, or family… i have already begun notifying my peers of what they are eating… we need to know what we are eating… take it upon yourself to read nutrition facts and ingredients on the labels… it is somewhat fun and surprising…

here is to your health and passion for life!

peace and noLove

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