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when was the last time you skated with someone new? when was the last time you skated with someone that was just learning how to skate?

i have recently met a person that is new to the skate world… it reminds me of the good ol’ days when skating was near impossible… but everytime i learned something new it felt like conquering the world… the greatest feeling ever…

this person has this same passion and feeling… i can see the joy in this person’s eyes when they learn something new… it doesn’t even have to be a kickflip or heelflip… coming out of a bowl and catching the board on the way out or figuring out how to carve/pump a bowl inspires this person…

it inspires me… it reminds me of why skateboarding was and is a huge part of my life… it keeps me happy and inspired.

now get out and skate!

peace and noLove

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