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no one is better than anyone else…

we put too many people on pedestals in our society… we idolize the wrong people way too often… we need to re-evaluate what is good and bad in our day to day lives… too many people look up to talented people that are one dimensional… we need to promote and push the people in our society that constantly do the good and selfless acts… we idolize and promote the wrong people and ideals…

changing these delusions of who and what an “idol” is would not be that complicated… it would not take that much effort… the media controls and instills a ton of what we see and believe as good/bad/right/wrong… why can we not put the proper people in the limelight?

a lot of it is controlled by money… money shouldn’t make this world spin… Our ideals and morals should… love, honesty, and respect should… Please add any other morals/ideals you want in this list… make us and this real.

peace and noLove

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  1. Shannon Buckley's Gravatar Shannon Buckley
    06/09/2010 at 8:49 am | Permalink

    What you wrote about today is right on. When you say that many of our idols are one dimensional… it’s so true! As we wake up to the possibilities that exist for us we realize that it is possible to live a healthy, well-balanced live and be a whole person.

    It would be great to begin to see people recognized on a mass scale for their contributions as well as their talents and media creations. We have experienced a lack of good role models in our society and it’s not helping the majority to expand into their greatness.

    It really is about the size of our hearts and when you direct your awareness into your heart and live from there, beautiful things are bound to happen.

    I’ve often used this example. Let’s say I’m a music artist and my dream is to sing with Justin Timberlake.. I might be able to achieve this goal, but at the end of the day- I’m with my self, and that’s it. We have to be comfortable coming back home to ourselves over and over again through out each day. The idea is to have that be a welcoming, loving place and it starts within.

    It doesn’t matter how big your goals are, if you aren’t living from your heart you are going to feel empty. Before I shifted my life this way, I was achieving many things but I knew something was missing and then had to loose almost everything in order to get real with myself.

    We can create a world with dynamic role models who believe in ultimate integrity putting themselves out there for the world to watch. Uh. Watch me now.


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