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a rare thought…

so, this has been irking at me for some time now and i need to get it out there…

when i am having a conversation with someone that does not skate, and they ask me, “what do you do?” i simply respond that i skate (sometimes followed up with the more detailed version, “skateboard” because they may honestly think i figure skate)… more often than not, they look at me, say “Cool,” look down or away and are silent… they cannot think of anything to say… their brain cannot relate to skateboarding or doing something that you love for a living… the first thing that comes to their head while they are in silence is, “I used to skate when I was little”… and i say “oh, cool”…

there are two things i wanna point out from these types of interactions:

1. skateboarding is only understood by skateboarders… it’s like nothing else. respect.

2. why are so many people in everyday life programmed to believe that work needs to be “work” and distressing. can you not work for something you love anymore? can no one relate to loving something so much that you wanna “work” for it no matter what? is it really all about money?

money gives you freedom but not happiness… it’s time to find what is real… lemme know what you find…

peace and noLove

3 Comments to a rare thought…

  1. Grant's Gravatar Grant
    03/17/2010 at 11:30 am | Permalink

    For the first time in ten years I’ve recently become unemployed. For these last two months I have been looking at many jobs that are starting at around 8 dollars an hour. On unemployment that is basically what you get paid maybe even a little bit more. Tell me is there any dignity in slinging subs to yuppies instead of collecting the governments money? I’m broke as hell but probably more happy than I have ever been since moving to Colorado about a year and a half ago. There is definitely a gap between the incentive to work and the quality of life you experience. I prefer to put in my work on the board.

  2. marycake's Gravatar marycake
    03/13/2010 at 7:23 pm | Permalink

    As much as I want to say that I understand skateboading, you’re absolutely right, I don’t or perhaps can’t because I don’t skateboard. That’s why this website and all your work could mean so much. Bring skateboarding to the people! Make us understand 🙂 The reason I’ve been drawn to skateboarding is because I’ve seen how much passion boarders bring to the sport. I would like to see more videos like the first one you ever made. Also, I’d like to put out a special request for the Backstreet Boys dance video 😉 One more thing, please blog! I love hearing your thoughts and I’d like to learn as much as I can so perhaps one say I can say I understand skateboarding….even though I’m too scared to try it myself! Keep doing what you love.


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