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the idea of success has been weighing on my brain... since finding the subjectivity of reality, i constantly question all the things i have been influenced and forced into believing... some of them are valid and some are a construct of society... if success is also subjective then what is success? how do we measure success? who decided success is what it is? when do you feel successful? how long does that feeling last? is it real or just another false reality? we all embark on successes and failures constantly... it is easier to acknowledge (and bask) and grow from failures... but when do we succeed? well, most people would jump to the obvious answer of monetary gains. i understand this reality but i don't agree with it... because we live a life of excess and enough is never enough, this form of success is not universal (although it is forced upon us)... i'd like to investigate other forms of success that are usually ignored/disregarded... success is subjective, like all things... but we don't embrace this because everyone is told we need to be a certain way at a certain age... there is a social norm and pressure that has people make decisions based on "fitting in"... i hear people say, "i am this age and i am broke." i try to spin this mindset into, "do you like what you do for a living?" this flips the success of making money into enjoying your job/career/path... people don't see success in finding something they love to do... this to me is the ultimate success in this society/reality. working with like-minded people in a progressive environment is such a great start to finding success... having a purpose or creating purpose within your work is a success... why do you go to work everyday? what are you perpetuating? through my experiences and self-awareness, i have realized that helping others is fulfilling to my soul... making someone else smile or think or blush or succeed gives me life... i used this energy to create my purpose in this existence... i know that when my time is up, i'll be gone... i'm ok with this reality... it does not weigh me down. it does the exact opposite... it fuels me to be my best at any given moment until i am no longer able to help others... my purpose, that i have created, makes me successful almost every day. i measure success by how many people i can positively affect on a personal/intimate level daily... i work as a personal trainer so i am able to coach/push/guide people towards a better life... this is an easy way to directly affect people. i have found it the best platform for me to challenge peoples' minds/perspectives as well as their bodies... i find the relationship between body and mind to be fascinating and complicated. i'd rather alter someones' perspective than give them a good workout... i'd rather see someone become more open to things than get stronger... your mind is much more powerful than your body can ever be... a change of mindset can be forever whereas a change in your body can be temporary. another way i measure success is how self-reliant and self-sustainable i can be... this day in age, laziness is rewarded/enabled all too often... it is perpetuated by technology, money, industry, amongst many others... money buys you whatever you need... you don't have to do shit, but go to "work" and find ways to spend all your money... i like to work for my food... i like to work for my freedom... our civilization was created by meaningful hardships/labor... the planting of crops, the blood spilled for freedom, the hunting of food, the struggle to build shelter, the enduring of the elements, etc... this reality is no more for people... the "struggle" now is ego-created in our false sense of reality... if we really knew what suffering was in this culture, we'd be more open to all things... back to my point, i want to earn my life... i feel successful when i don't rely on the system to progress... i feel success in having a sustainable, quiet, simple, progressive, and unique lifestyle... i am not saying i have it all perfect... i have a ton of work to do to progress beyond my past warped mindset and decisions... Cooper Wilt has a quote in Transworld's video A Time to Shine about skateboarding's purpose to him... he says skateboarding gives him a sense of accomplishment... it is a way to do something and feel success... it doesn't matter if it is landing an ollie over a parking block or learning a new flip trick... it gives you that sense of "i did it"... this feeling is essential to the longevity of the shred... i have never appreciated skateboarding more until i felt the success i get from it. not many people can skateboard... shit, not many people have a hobby... i never take my commitment to skateboarding for granted anymore. a simple trick now gives me a feeling of elation and joy... i see what Cooper means now... that simple trick gave me the idea of writing about success... that simple trick changed my perception of success... if i feel success in a nose manual back 180 out or a blunt fakie (two tricks i convinced myself i would never land in my entire life), then how else can i find successes? where else have i been succeeding but negating it because i wasn't making money doing it? i'd say:
  • maintaining a clean/tidy living space
  • cooking more often than not
  • positively influencing others
  • leading by example/being the change you want to see
  • being reflective and not reactive
  • being honest but constructive
  • being present in every moment, daily
  • being a good/caring person, friend, family member/treating others as you would like to be treated
none of these successes require money nor monetary gain... these are basic morals and daily opportunities that we disregard because they don't make us money... well, what does money get you? it gets you more money... the more money you make, the more other people want to take it from you... i have seen it from afar and personally... mo money, mo problems... you do need to make money to live in America, and i understand this reality... but you don't need much to be your true self. success will find you if you do what you love and you're passionate about it... look for that and not the money. the topic success is an ever-evolving one in my mind... i have many interests but they all revolve around life and true freedom... i want to earn my life... whether it is my successes, failures, food, freedom, fun, disaster, i want to earn it... since i started seeing success in the smaller things and simpler moments in life, my sense of joy is constant... i feel at ease and ready for everything all the time... how can you build on your successes? peace and noLove...
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